About Indy Trolley

The idea of IndyTrolley took root in 2012, when Jack Carr Boyd, a well known and respected real estate broker who has lived in Indianapolis and central Indiana his entire life was in San Francisco riding the street cars. Why not bring an authentic, nostalgic rail trolley car to Indianapolis? The search began and when Jack found his trolley styled jewel, “IndyTrolley” was born. Not only did he purchase a “like new and low mileage” trolley, but he added a significant amount of safety upgrades, like fog strobe lights, backup cameras, traffic alert equipment, GPS survalience, for enhanced vehicle safety and ADA handicap options.

Now Jack and his new enterprise offer this fun and nostalgic experience to any group who needs to transport parties (up to 26 people) or multiples thereof, from venue to venue. Until now, the options were limited to the utility of common buses that offer no frills transportation, or the class of a stretch limousine that limits the number of guests and constrains parties to their seats. In some cases, those limos cause passengers to crawl over each other to move around. There are no other trolleys in the area that have so little mileage or look so new and classy as his “IndyTrolley”. No dings, no dents.

“IndyTrolley” is ideal for weddings or those special occasions that beg for a memorable experience from beginning to end. Jack says “Interestingly enough, often times events begin and end by guests being transported on a mundane, utilitarian vehicles that offers nothing different than bus service.”

Why not “set the table” on the way to the reception by serving guests a memorable transportation treat that measures up to the linen, china, and crystal levels? Keep the memories alive with a booking today on “IndyTrolley”. Your memories will just begin with a call today to “IndyTrolley” to customize and design your event.

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